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Welcome to our first blog post! Hattie journals, musings and travels will be posted here as and when they come to us and more importantly creatives from our sunburnt country.. Interested?  Then read on my dears...

Hattie has always been a collective hub - showcasing the work of local artisans from across the globe. We gathered handmade and dyed leather goods from Guatemala off the loveliest man - Angel - who lives in the foothills of the Volcanic mountains surrounding Antigua. Our fabric supplier is from Indonesia – Sundi  who has the biggest heart, he tips the homeless singers as they pass. Each has a story, one we have taken the time to discover because we thrive on making conscious connections with those who contribute to the Hattie family.  

We value hand crafted, quality goods and sustainability is important to usWhile, we have always brought you treasures from far away places {and will continue to do so!}, we realised it was time to support home grown creatives as well!

We have been connecting with local Australian artisans for years now, through our market stall and other collaborations. The idea was staring us in our freckled little faces for so long – it’s the perfect fit for Hattie... Homemade wares from near and afar! 

So, this is a ’Hear Ye, Hear Ye!’ call out to those true blue, home grown, vegemite {or non-vegemite eating} Aussies, who are making or creating pieces for the home or person.  

We are looking for quality, ethical and sustainable wares that align with our values. Approved brands will become part of the Hattie team and have access to a strong engaged customer base, high-traffic website and be promoted across our social media platforms.

This is an opportunity for anyone who is yet to sell online, or would like another avenue to increase their reach and sales.

If this sounds like you – we’d love to showcase your babies as part of the Hattie Tribe.  

Send an email to including;

  • an intro to you brand + existing social links
  • a little bit about yourself, your processes and your products +
  • include at least 3 photos.


Looking forward to meeting you!

Love Sian xx
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