This is Sian and Belinda, the sister duo from the same mister with 12 years difference in age but not in spirit.
Sian is the younger of the two and has currently ticked off roughly 38 countries in her travels. She’s been left off a bus in the middle of Basque country in Spain, treated like a famous person in a Mexican wedding and motorbiked from Costa Rica to Nicaragua with her best mate. If she isn’t globetrotting to exotic new destinations then she's found in the ocean.
Belinda more of a local wanderer who has travelled Australia in a troopy, been on kundalini and health retreats in the valleys of Northern NSW and has a fierce passion for organic nutrition.
Hattie is where these two worlds collide, the constant gypsy and the stylish homebody. The wares sold here online and at The Village Markets (follow them here) are a carefully curated collection from some of our travel destinations – India, Central America and Indonesia.
Connecting with local artisans to source quality products with a sustainable background is our vibe and what we strive to make all of our products to be in the future. Our threads are inspired by our travels and have to be wearable and easy.
If you have an eye for style, a love of handmade and ethnic pieces and bit of the gypsy in you, then this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!