She dreams of times where her spirit was released from the everyday routine. Where her soul and her body were purely moved to please only her and her wishes. She dreams of rolling green hills with no-one else around as far as her eye can see where her hair dares to blow madly in the wind with her dress carelessly flicking at her ankles. It was only for her. As she run her hands over timeless wares that could tell a thousand tales of old she dreams of wistful mornings soaking up those gentle rays.

She Dreams is the long awaited, very limited edition collection that has nods to vintage Hattie and hints to the direction we are going. We hope you are transported back to the magical golden era, where dreamy days were oh so frequent, with our flowing shapes, rich tones and soft delicate fabrics. Wear our separates together to turn heads, pair with your favourite denim classics for everyday or simply throw on a print dress and you are ready for a day adventuring in the fields, a fiesta night of dancing or simply lounging around sipping on multiple teas.
Photographer - Brydie Watson
Model - Claire Bebsy
Jewellery -  Standard Spice
Location - Brad's Farm, Bangalow, NSW